Are you ready to feel the diference?

Welcome to our erotic massage saloon of Bucharest! Be our guests for an unforgettable journey to the amazing world of sensual massage.

In our saloon, naturist massage is brought into a new light, as a noblesse mark, a daring approach, an oasis of comfort and originality, into a singular mix of sensual touches and an exceptional choreography.

As a concept, our erotic massage saloon is an invitation to relaxation and emotional liberation in the company of our beautiful models.

The natural beauty of your body will be highlighted and emphasized by the erotic massage techniques and the choreography specially designed to delight both ladies and gentlemen, and couples.


While traditional massage aims at liberating muscular tension and stress, the erotic massage service aims at exploring pleasures by specialized massage techniques. This type of massage is made all along your body in a sensual way, stimulating the skin by caresses meant to stir enthusiasm and lust. An enchanting scenery with candles, music in a low tone, diffused light, and sweet perfume drops will take you into the magical world of the erotic massage ...

A delightful surprise is the attempt to find out new erogenous areas never explored before, their stirring up to the highest limit of supportability resulting in body overwhelming by pure pleasure. The effect is deep, a new dimension will be revealed to you.

One of the tips to increase pleasure and enthusiasm is the pressure exercised by hands. This varies with the case and tastes: for instance, an energetic approach is the mark of a therapeutic massage, while sensual touches with the tips of the fingers aim at an erotic effect.

The erotic massage starts with a circular massage – it is a basic massage making the transition form one part of the body to another one. Hands should slide circularly with the palms set oppositely on the buttocks, back and shoulders. Movements will be always made from the spine outwards.

Once relaxation and peace have set up, a more special, slippery massage is to be provided.

The erotic massage will be always provided into a warm, comfortable, clean, and trim place, using aromatic oils and the specific relaxing music.

Ten golden rules for an exceptional erotic massage:

  • listening and satisfying the partner's demands
  • keeping agreements and observing the rules
  • choreography of slow, sensual, seducing movements specific to the erotic massage
  • being aware of emotions during the massage session
  • adjusting the massage choreography to the partner's reactions
  • certain massage techniques will not be provided unless requested
  • certain massage techniques will be repeated upon request
  • during the erotic massage session, nobody will disturb you
  • hands and oil should be warm and the sound suitable
  • the erotic massage will be always provided in a positive attitude, with a smile on the face


Tantric massage – energetic and spiritual massage.

The main purpose of the tantric massage is to energetically activate the body. The benefits of the tantric massage are remarkable, a true remedy for impotence, premature ejaculation, panic attacks, depression, the results being evident from the very first session. The principle at the basis of the tantric massage is respect to body and love for a healthy organism. Deemed to be the religion of the body, Tantra teaches and helps the body be aware of the fact that it is the most important creation of God. In the concept of the tantric massage, each individual is different. The masseuse will approach a unique massage program with distinct movements depending on the limits and demands of each person to free all repressed energy. It is the perfect method to keep in good shape, to get rid of fatigue, and to improve the state of spirit.

Combining erotic massage to tantric massage is always a perfect option.


The term "ayurveda" refers to the "science of life".

Ayurvedic massage appeared about 3000 years ago in a region of India. In the concept of the Ayurvedic massage, mind is inseparable of body. A healthy style of life and this type of massage are deemed to be essential in preventing diseases. Canons upon which the Ayurvedic massage is provided have deep roots to be found out in the antic texts the Ayurvedic medicine relies on: Sushruta and Samhita Characa. The main goal is to restore the balance in the body and maintain physical and mental health, it is considered an excellent tool to fight stress and a precious aid in the treatment of diseases, protecting the vital parts of the body (called marble), keeping them in a good condition and improving the immune system. The Ayurvedic massage is ideally combined to the naturist and erotic massage.

Before starting the session of massage, it is important to inform the masseuse if suffering with any chronic disease or if having undergone any surgery lately.

The conditions and climate in which the session of massage is rendered ensure its success.

As in reflex therapy, Ayurvedic massage stirs nerve centers; according to this technique, each organ of the human body is connected to a nervous center in the sole of the foot.

A correctly provided massage will ensure the proper operation of the entire organism.

10 of the most important properties of Ayurvedic massage:

  • stirring blood and lymph activity
  • positive effect on the spine
  • muscle toning
  • spiritual balance
  • hormonal balance
  • detoxification
  • stirring the nervous system. Remedy for: stress, nervousness, and anxiety
  • remedy for problems related to: insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and digestion
  • improvement of muscular contractions, twists, cramps, muscle stretching, and hand and feet swelling
  • remedy for back pains and circulation problems

The Ayurveda massage technique is a sacred Indian technique operating at three levels: physical (body relaxation, improvement of spine flexibility, improvement of muscle and articulation elasticity, stirring blood and lymph circulation), psychological (mental calmness, stress removal, relaxation) and spiritual (recognized as the "soul massage").


The chocolate massage – one of the most "delicious" packages, a multisensory stimulus, a temptation hard to resist to, combining the inciting erotic massage to the effect of cocoa and chocolate in the field of beauty. Its miraculous properties are well known, the smell of chocolate stimulates endorphins (the happiness hormone). You will be overwhelmed by a feeling of satisfaction and peace, while getting good skin hydration. Caffeine and theobromine are compounds that may be found in chocolate whose effect is an improvement of the state of spirit and the stimulation of the central nervous system. Cocoa butter has magic properties, hydrating, toning up, nourishing and smoothing the skin of the body.


The Californian massage is deemed to be one of the most relaxing and inciting erotic massage packages. It is provided on the entire surface of the body, it is deep and highly-delightful. Movements are fluid, slippery, slow or rhythmic exercising slight pressure on the muscles. The masseuse's contact to your body is permanent, thus communication and understanding are very important. Perfumed oils and sensual touches by the masseuse's fingers and breast will awaken thrill in your body.

At its origins, the Californian massage, as the name puts it, appeared somewhere near San Francisco at the Institute of Esalen in California in 1970.

This type of massage was adopted as a group therapy so it became extremely popular and widespread all over the world. It was included in the Swedish massage techniques. Californian massage frees the mind of stress and thoughts, gives rest and relaxes.

The ritual is very sensual; it is provided by a nude masseuse using oils that ensure the most inciting and slippery movements.

The Californian massage was created especially for people looking for a unique relaxation moment, for those whishing to give full scope to their imagination, to enjoy thrilling moments and happiness pieces.

The superb masseuse knows to take advantage of her sensuality and sweetness and to stir all senses. Satisfaction, different perceptions, and profusion of senses will have a common effect – the rejuvenation of the organism.


Four hands erotic massage.
The tantric erotic massage made by two delicious goddesses committed with all their body and soul to flatter with an irreproachable erotic massage. We will start by reviving the tactile sense; your body will vibrate and you'll be flooded by waves of pleasure. You will be guided to a new level of intimacy while bodies will melt in an erotic ritual.

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